AXEL Go Solution for Your Workflow

Your Workflow

Everybody has their own system for doing business. We want to be a part of yours. AXEL Go is flexible, secure, and above all, simple. Keep your files in an easily accessible place, and loop in your colleagues and clients without sacrificing your security.


Control How Long Files are Accessible.

When you share files, the last thing you want is lingering attachments leaving your business vulnerable. With our expiring file shares, leaving your files vulnerable will become a thing of the past.  


Organize How You Want

File storage your way. Your storage system is easy to organize to your specification. AXEL Go is user-friendly and built to serve any workflow. 


Replace FTP

Encrypted file sharing is the way of the future. FTP is slow, vulnerable, and overly restrictive. Our storage and security are easily accessible and customizable, giving you the ability the share your largest and most confidential files with any client anywhere in the world with any device.

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