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What is AXEL Go?

AXEL Go is an online secure file storage and sharing solution for legal professionals and businesses.

How does AXEL Go keep me secure?

AXEL Go is backed by top-of-the-line encryption, and your files are stored with top cloud security measures. This means that your documents are secured from the instant a file is transferred to the moment it is saved on dozens of secure servers. AXEL Go is the safest software to manage you and your clients' files.

Built-in security features

Encryption and decentralization are key to security and they come standard on top of additional security features.

Easy File Sharing and file request

AXEL Go makes sharing files with colleagues and requesting files from clients effortless. You can even share directly from your storage. Link. Click. Share. Done.

File Storage with Custom folder permissions

Protect your files from misclicks and unauthorized access.


Send and receive fully-signed documents with ease. AXEL Go makes it easy to sign on desktop or mobile.

Get started!

Unlimited File Uploads

Become limitless with unlimited file uploads. Share, store, or request as many files or documents that you need.

Organize folders your way

File management has never been more simple or more accessible. Organize your folders based on how you want to run your business.

What you get with AXEL Go

Plans with everything you need


1 TB of online group storage

10 accounts with Professional features*

Admin dashboard

Team activity report


10 Seats


*one account will have admin control

Additional account added to the Team plan is $2.00/mo or $20.00/yr

*Preferred plan



500 GB of online storage

Unlimited secure share

Private share with tracking

Unlimited secure fetch

Unlimited eSignature

Integration with other services

And more!

1 seat




100 GB of online storage

5 Secure Shares per month with limited file size

5 Secure Fetches per month with limited file size

2 step authentication for login protection

Integration with other services

1 seat


Save over 16% more by subscribing YEARLY.

Don't put your files and data at risk. Sign up for AXEL Go and get 20% off as part of your member benefits!

Get started with AXEL Go

AXEL Go subscriptions start as low as $1.59 per month. More savings if paid annually.

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The most secure file-sharing and storing solution for legal professionals.

Get all the features you need to manage your files securely with AXEL Go. Sign up now, and we'll start you off with a FREE account!

Florida Bar members receive 20% off AXEL Go subscription price.

Your discount will be applied correctly when you make a payment on your desktop browser.

A la Carte


2 GB of online storage

5 Secure Shares per month with very limited file size

5 Secure Fetches per month with very limited file size

Limited Integration with other services

1 seat

Received on Sign up!