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remote work cartoon

Remote Work

Remote work, mobile, and the cloud are reshaping how, where, and when we work

Your workplace may be changing, but your standards for privacy and protection never will. The promise AXEL Go makes is simple. We’ll make the setup simple, unobtrusive, and we’ll meet you where you are. AXEL Go is a cloud service that’s secure, and above every thing else, easy to use. A single click here or there is enough to rocket your files across the world in securely shredded, encrypted, and discreet envelopes.

We’ll help you bridge the uncertainty of expanding your office into a remote. The bridge to remote work doesn’t have to be a harrowing or uncertain process, we can make the transition frictionless and secure, so you can focus on harnessing the ease and security of the cloud without interrupting your workflow.

remote work cartoon
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Keeping your clients' files secure and staying within your ethical obligations

What are you doing to protect client privacy? The American Bar Association’s annual surveys of legal professional’s cloud computing habits have found, time and again, that legal professionals aren’t upholding their end of the deal when it comes to protecting their clients and their data once it’s made its way onto the internet.

AXEL Go is one of the only cloud-based file-sharing services that will go to the lengths we do to protect you and your clients. The ethical standards you’re held to come before anything else when you’re working with your clients, and we understand that. Our AES 256-bit document encryption, secure file fetch, and decentralized servers lock down your client’s data to.

a secrurely fragmented document
a securely fragmented document


Keep breaches at bay with an easy use file-sharing/receiving software

How are you protecting your information? AXEL Go is the only file-sharing service that promises to stand strong in between your files and anybody trying to take advantage of it. We’re not concerned with harvesting your data for our own use or peering into your life. AXEL Go is about stacking on layers of security to shield you and yours while keeping things simple to implement.

Sending and retrieving files on your end is simple, the security on our end is complex. We’ll digitally shred your documents before locking each shred down with AES-256 bit encryption, and we keep things stored on several separate servers to further beguile anybody that would even attempt to get their hands on your sensitive documents.

several connected points
several connected points


Allow employees and partners to access content and collaborate from any device

Collaboration in the modern age is infinitely more flexible than ever before. Now our employees and partners can do business wherever they are no matter what device they have access to. You want them to go about that securely.

Businesses survive on data. Is yours protected? AXEL Go is here to make sure you keep your data protected in the simplest way possible. A couple of intuitive clicks here and there will have you securely collaborating across rivers and oceans without missing a beat. We’re here to give you an easy switch for a lifetime of data security.

digital file organization
digital file organization

Document Management

Manage any filetype of any size for your expanding and changing business

The last thing you want to fight against is space. Your business needs documents and backups and multiple versions to track changes and originals and everything in between. AXEL Go makes organizing, retrieving, and sharing those files effortless and consistent for everybody you’re working with.

We can handle any file of any size no matter how quickly your business grows. Our InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) will keep your original documents, photos, scans, and tons of variations safe, secure, and easily retrievable.

digital globalization
digital globalization

FTP Replacement

Replace outdated and insecure FTP with AXEL Go

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is one of the most popular ways to bounce files from one corner of the internet with the press of a button. It’s simple, widespread, and incredibly insecure. AXEL Go is the bridge to a safer digital future.

We’re dedicated to protecting everyone during the digital age. Any file you send or receive to or from anybody is secured from the instant it leaves your computer. We do that without requiring any downloads or cumbersome restructuring of your workflow. One single click is all that stands between your business and the ultimate online file security.

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