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The American Bar Association found that most lawyers don’t keep their digital security word. Are you dedicated to protecting your clients? It only takes one major breach to siphon all of their most personal data. If you want to earn their trust, then you should be using the most secure document sharing app out there.

AXEL is fully committed to protecting you and your clients from even the most sophisticated attempts to tap into your lines of communication. Our engineers and developers with their passion for privacy have created some of the trickiest forms of file security to protect the trust you’ve earned from your clients and ensure you have the option to share files privately.

AXEL Go prioritizes security and privacy. To that end, we’ve created a cutting-edge blockchain-backed, decentralized IPFS network backed with an impenetrable AES 256-encryption system. Your client’s files are safe from prying eyes or flimsy backdoors. Everything from AXEL’s Secure Fetch to our decentralized network has been simplified and optimized to create a perfectly secure digital environment for your clients that’s easy to access and unobtrusive to your workflow.

Visit www.axel.org to learn more about our secure document sharing app and who we are. You can also get in touch with us using the form below.

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