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AXEL Go is all about protecting the files you share and the files you store. Our skilled team focuses on innovation and the realization of a more open version of the internet.

As Silicon Valley and Big Tech tighten their grip and peer more brazenly into their users’ lives, AXEL aims to provide an alternative. AXEL guarantees your personal information and stored documents will never be mined for data or sold to any third party. We are fully committed to building solutions and bringing awareness to data custody. Our engineers and developers integrate this philosophy into every one of our services and applications. Our file-sharing and cloud storage platform, AXEL Go, perfectly embodies these ideals.

AXEL Go makes privacy and security a priority rather than an afterthought. Using a blockchain-backed, decentralized IPFS network combined with robust AES 256-encryption, files are safe from hackers, spying governments, and intrusive corporations. You’ve always had the right to privacy. AXEL is here to remind you.

Visit www.axel.org to learn more about  who we are. You can also get in touch with us using the form below.

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