Secure Marketing Cloud Storage & Media File Sharing

When most people think marketing, they think of catchy slogans and eye-catching visuals. But in today’s digital era, secure marketing cloud storage and efficient media file sharing are just as crucial. That’s where AXEL Go steps in, bridging the gap between creativity and secure digital infrastructure.

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Easier File Shares. Happier Clients

Whether it’s billboard-sized vector graphics, high-quality commercial footage, or confidential campaign documents, AXEL Go has your back. Our platform not only streamlines secure media file sharing but also ensures that your marketing assets are stored safely.

Navigating the hurdles of large files? No more stress. AXEL Go handles large media files seamlessly. Its in-browser viewing, generous file size limits, and link-based sharing ensure that everyone – from clients to colleagues – can access what they need with zero fuss.

Features and Benefits

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Quick Delivery, Every Time

Work with a colleague across the office or a client across the globe – AXEL Go ensures your marketing files reach their destination quickly. With just one click, share your work with anyone, anywhere.

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Trust, Sealed with Security

Your clients entrust their brand image to you. It’s only right to safeguard their assets with the best. AXEL Go’s Secure Marketing Cloud Storage utilizes AES 256-bit encryption, ensuring every file shared is protected end-to-end.

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Tailored for Today’s Marketers

  • Easy Asset Storage: Multiple campaigns? No problem. AXEL Go’s secure marketing cloud storage system is intuitive, ensuring all your assets are just a click away, no matter where your team is located.
  • Secure Media File Sharing: Send over that marketing collateral with peace of mind. Once your files are uploaded with AXEL Go’s end-to-end encryption, rest assured they are protected by a cutting-edge server structure.

Make your mark in the marketing world, while AXEL Go handles the digital heavy lifting. Secure, fast, and reliable – that’s media file sharing, redefined.

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AXEL Go is a leading file sharing application offering encrypted file transfer and a private cloud storage solution across North & South America, Europe and beyond. We serve many businesses across the board including finance, accounting, real estate, government, construction, manufacturing, education, legal, marketing, and software industries. Take control of your privacy and send files securely with AXEL Go's top-rated secure document management platform.

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