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Your Clients

While your internal workflows have been established and double-checked, an uninitiated client may bring that all tumbling down. AXEL understands the importance of external collaboration  and has built secure avenues so that even the least tech-savvy client can get on board. Our  corporate file-sharing solutions keep work rolling smoothly while protecting clients from bad actors from anywhere and from any device.

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Safely Retrieve Forms and Documents

Keep client intake quick, painless, and secure with our secure fetch. Request and receive heavily-encrypted files directly into your decentralized storage with a simple link and a single click. Best of all? Your clients don’t need an AXEL Go account of their own to take advantage of our robust security.

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Maintain Client-Data Confidentiality

Our business file-sharing software protects client data confidentiality above all else. Our AES 256-bit encryption and decentralized servers protect your data so completely that we’re will to fully back our system with a heafty guarantee.

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Include or Request an eSignature

Our business file-sharing software includes its own e-Signature functionality. When sending or receiving legally-binding documents, add electronic, digital signatures directly to your contracts and agreements. Touch screen functionality lets everyone write authentic, personalized signatures from any device.

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