Secure Construction Document Management & File Sharing

AXEL Go epitomizes the construction adage, “measure twice, cut once”. Be it high-risk federal projects or local contracting endeavors, construction document management is pivotal. To this end, we’ve devised a fortified document management solution ensuring your construction projects run glitch-free.

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Keep your Project Moving

Enhance your project’s collaborative dynamics with our impeccable platform crafted for construction professionals. Tailored for architects, engineers, contractors, or subcontractors, we specialize in construction document management and file sharing, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Say goodbye to tedious file transfers and dispersed documentation. Our cloud solution assures that your paramount construction documents are shielded, yet effortlessly retrievable, regardless of location or time.

Features and Benefits

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Secure File-Storing Solutions for the Construction Industry

  • Unified Construction Document File Sharing: Juggling myriad components translates to a plethora of documents. Our platform, equipped with collaborative and modifiable file management, makes document handling as breezy as browsing your local files.
  • Everywhere-Accessible Storage: Our cloud foundation implies that all you need is internet connectivity to access your data. Our decentralized architecture ensures an edge over competitors in resilience against blackouts and security threats.
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Streamlined Construction Document Management – Anytime, Anywhere

Whether you’re on-site, in-office, or procuring materials, immediate access to pivotal documents is non-negotiable. AXEL Go furnishes project overseers and associates instant reach to essential files, irrespective of their geographical coordinates.

Construction document management is synonymous with pivotal information. With our cloud-backed document storage and file sharing, be assured that every essential is merely a click away. The AXEL Go app empowers each team member with a document management system that’s instinctive, fortified, and thoroughly adjustable.

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AXEL Go: Your Trusted Partner in Construction Document Management

Positioned as the preferred construction document management solution for construction enterprises, contractors, or material vendors, AXEL Go simplifies stakeholder communication. Our intuitive construction document file sharing tools are crafted to keep interactions straightforward.

Rest assured, your project manifests, managerial documents, and contractor specifics remain confidential and shielded within our encrypted and robust storage solutions.

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AXEL Go is a leading file sharing application offering encrypted file transfer and a private cloud storage solution across North & South America, Europe and beyond. We serve many businesses across the board including finance, accounting, real estate, government, construction, manufacturing, education, legal, marketing, and software industries. Take control of your privacy and send files securely with AXEL Go's top-rated secure document management platform.

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