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Your business handles sensitive information every single day. To responsibly handle that, you need advanced digital security. AXEL Go is built to be easy to use and incredibly secure. Our AES 256-bit encryption, decentralized storage servers, and expiring file shares work in concert
to protect your business from every angle.

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Set Passwords on Your Most Sensitive Files

If cutting-edge end-to-end encryption and decentralized storage servers are not enough protection for your business then we have great news. Your files can be further protected during the file-sharing process with customizable passwords to ensure that only authorized parties have access to the files you share.

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Protect Your Business with Decentralized Servers

Decentralized servers mean that your files are never sitting in a single place ready for a hacker to pluck. We encrypt your data and save it in a series of separate servers, only to be reassembled when accessed by the proper channels through AXEL Go’s proprietary hardened network.

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Flexible Plans for all Sizes

Not every business is the same. From two-person businesses to enterprise-level operations, AXEL Go has a tier for you. We give you room to grow and space to change as your business comes into its own. Your security comes first, no matter your budget, so every AXEL Go customer gets the same rigorous safety.

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