Best File-sharing Solutions for Businesses in 2023

The internet has incredibly become the domain of business. In 2023, professionals should seek secure workflow solutions to prevent unauthorized access to crucial work-related documents. This includes implementing a secure and seamless file-sharing solution. What should a company operating on the internet in 2023 look for in a file-sharing solution? Where can they find them?

File-Sharing Solutions

File-sharing in 2023 is a crucial aspect of running any business online, but there are four needs that must be met before committing to a particular service:

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Secure File Retrieval 
  • eSignature
  • Global Access

With these four file-sharing solutions, business can be conducted quickly and securely. In 2022, it was found that ransomware attacks surged more than 25%, crippling business globally and creating nearly $50 million in losses. According to Sophos’s State of Ransomware 2022, well over half of organizations have been affected directly by the consequences of ransomware. 

End-to-end Encryption 

Encryption is the process of securing data by converting the information or data into a code to prevent unauthorized access. Encryption keys are generated and distributed to authorized machines and used in conjunction with encrypted data to securely store and share information in a form that is effectively useless to unauthorized third parties like hackers or unintended recipients. 

End-to-end encryption is the process of encrypting data when it is in transit and when it is in storage. Secure, business-ready file-sharing services offer end-to-end encryption to protect their users from attacks on their servers and during the sharing process. 

A business operating online in 2023 should only share their files with end-to-end encryption to secure their documents from every angle. When data leaves a server, there are clever attacks that involve scraping information off of a wireless connection by disguising a machine as a legitimate intermediary. Not to mention the many traditional attacks that are executed by digging directly into storage servers. With end-to-end encryption, even if a file has been the target of a successful interception, the contents of the transferred file would arrive on the hacker’s device as incomprehensible gibberish, ensuring that trade secrets stay secret.

Secure File Retrieval

The necessity of end-to-end encryption points to another common security hole that businesses find themselves falling into. Security must be a two-way street. If a business goes through the trouble of creating a secure ecosystem, it is important that clients and colleagues alike, are similarly equipped to meet those security standards. 

To this end, secure file retrieval must be a part of a business’s security infrastructure. With secure file retrieval, professionals are able to request information from clients and collaborators without opening either party up to the potential of a crushing data breach.

Secure retrieval, or as we call it, Secure Fetch, is done by generating a secure sharing session that can be accessed with a single click. People outside of the security infrastructure are able to drag and drop their data into this secure session, encrypting it with the same rigid standards, and protecting the information on its way into a storage system.

Without secure file retrieval, all the hard work a business has put into creating secure file-sharing solutions would immediately buckle under the weight of one careless collaborator. 


As we conduct more business online, our ability to place a signature on a page has become more and more difficult. With eSignatures, distance becomes a trivial factor in authorizing legal documentation. 

With eSign, a business is able to preserve a document in an unaltered state while accepting a binding digital signature. This means that a client on the other side of the planet is able to quickly and easily consent to easily readable, high-quality documents with a few simple clicks. Said documents will also arrive in the same quality they left in, which will head off any potential uncertainty when revisiting them in the future. Gone are the days of hoping a scan is clear or praying a recipient has access to a scanner or fax machine.

Global Access 

The internet has shrunk the size of the world, which means that business is neverending, quick, and impossible to predict. When we talk about doing business on the internet, we must also talk about the necessity of quick, borderless access.

A file-sharing service in 2023 must be accessible anywhere there is an internet connection. Ideally, in-browser access or an application should serve file-sharing needs no matter the location or device. The office no longer acts as the single place of business, and a file-sharing solution should reflect this reality.

Join AXEL Go 

AXEL Go is the ultimate file-sharing solution in 2023. We provide all of the above requirements for quick and secure digital business dealings. Our AES 256-bit encryption works to protect data both on our decentralized servers and in transit. We serve users on desktops and mobile devices with our in-browser secure sharing and with our dedicated applications.

AXEL Go protects businesses from the most common and novel cyber attacks on the internet and we plan to continue doing so for a long time. 


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