The Top Features to Look for in a Free Cloud-Based File-Sharing Service

In the middle of the search for quality file-sharing services, it is easy to get lost in the rows of similar-sounding features. What should you look for in a file-sharing service? How can your file-sharing service better serve your needs? There are a few key areas in which your file-sharing service should excel, security, collaboration, and access. Let’s take a step back to get a bird’s-eye view of your cloud-based file-sharing options.

Security Features

Security should always be the top priority of any file-sharing application. When we entrust our data to a file-sharing service, we are handing them some of our most sensitive information. A few common security features include encryption and decentralization. What makes these two features so crucial? 


Encryption is the process of converting information into a code. Information is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access in the event that a parcel has been intercepted. File-sharing services use end-to-end encryption to protect files while they are in storage or in transit.

Encryption is the ultimate modern safety net. Bad actors tend to steal information by patching into unsecured wireless networks or breaking into storage servers. When they pull away encrypted information, their only option is to either give up or brute force their way through the encryption which can take hundreds of years.


We live in the burgeoning years of Web 3. This era of the Internet is characterized by decentralized networks. A decentralized network is simply a collection of servers acting in concert with one another to backup data and verify changes. Decentralized file-sharing services are more secure and resilient than the centralized structures that a service like Google Drive utilizes.

Collaborative Features

While not as crucial as security, the ability to collaborate with other users is key to a file-sharing service. A cutting-edge file-sharing service can facilitate high-level work with a few clicks. Freelancers can use file-sharing services to deliver contracts and finished products. On the larger end, enterprises can run their HR programs with the help of a file-sharing solution.


Using built-in eSignatures on a file-sharing platform can cut out many steps in sharing and securing contracts. With a click, the smallest businesses are able to send and receive legally-binding documents and get work going faster.

Custom permissions

A robust file-sharing service is able to create a shared space on the internet from which a group of colleagues may work. Using custom permissions, users are able to protect their individual folders and files within these shared spaces from accidental removal or inadvertent temperament.


The final piece of the file-sharing puzzle is access. The internet exists nearly everywhere on the planet, and if a file-sharing service does not take advantage of that, then you’re better off simply relying on an external hard drive. 

A cloud-based file-sharing service should be accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. A powerful file-sharing service should include in-browser viewing of a wide-ranging number of file types. This creates effectively infinite 

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