How to Build a Remote Office With Cloud-based File Sharing

In 2023 we are “always online.” This can be an incredible way to build a business and work with our colleagues. However, taking full advantage of this benefit requires intentionality and purpose. What can we do as residents of the internet to harness this still burgeoning frontier? 

What Does a Digital Office Look Like? 

A digital office is a set of systems put in place by a workplace to facilitate and streamline the process of working with a decentralized group of employees. A digital office has all of the trappings of a physical office, but their final realized form has been so morphed to fit the digital world, we may no longer recognize them. 

Digital offices do not necessarily need to be comprised of entirely remote staff. Hybrid offices, or workplaces that hire across state lines may also want to look into creating an effective digital office. In fact, an entirely local office space will also benefit from building and maintaining a digital workplace in case of natural disasters or local utility outages.

When building a remote office, begin by cataloging the most important aspects of work in your specific field. Highly creative industries may prioritize easy communication or digital collaboration tools. Their top priority may be rooted in establishing channels for quick and effective client feedback. Whatever your work priorities are, it is important that the solution a workplace settles on champions three chief pillars. Access, security, and privacy.

Without easy access, work will grind to a halt. Without top-tier security, an expensive data breach could obliterate a workplace. Without privacy, the personal data of your clients, employees, and your business will become a commodity at best. At worst, your competition can easily get a hold of that data and use it against you in the marketplace. 

Using the Cloud to Build an Online Office 

Cloud-based storage solutions are excellent tools for building and operating a digital office space. Their most basic functions cover many of the needs of almost every business operating online.

Cloud-based file management systems provide access to all team members by providing a space online that may be used to access every single piece of relevant business information as long as an internet connection is available. 

They provide security. Cloud storage is an incredibly high-stakes effort. Cloud storage needs to provide encryption for files when they enter and exit a server. Without robust and vigilant security standards, a cloud storage or file-sharing system will expose its clients to an incredible amount of danger.

Privacy, sadly, is one of the more difficult benefits to secure from a cloud-based storage system. Often, these services will utilize your data to make money on top of their exorbitant membership fees. AXEL Go, however, bucks that trend. We look to provide security and restore dignity and control to everyone operating online.

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