The Environmental Benefits of Secure Cloud-Based File Storage and Sharing

Technology makes our lives easier, and responsible implementation can protect our environment. With massive ecological threats looming over the horizon, how can we use cloud-based solutions to benefit the environment?

How cloud-based storage protects your data

Cloud-based storage solutions protect your files in a number of ways. We can use a series of servers in conjunction with one another to create something called a decentralized network. Decentralized networks don’t have to use the massive sever warehouses that Big Tech giants like Google and Facebook rely on. In fact, a decentralized network can be as small as a few personal computers communicating in your neighborhood.

Decentralization comes with the benefit of being more resilient to digital attacks than centralized servers. Once a bad actor has access to a centralized server network, they effectively have free reign over the entire system. Decentralized networks must be discovered one server at a time, meaning that a breach on a decentralized network is often contained to a single machine. Decentralized networks also naturally create redundancies, so bad actors knocking servers offline will only frustrate themselves. 

Pairing this resilience to cyber attacks with end-to-end encryption, and a promise of personal privacy means that your files are in the most secure hands possible when they have been entrusted to a secure cloud service.

How cloud-based storage can protect the environment

As it stands, we are living in a world of transition. Many of our old methods of powering our homes, processing waste, and controlling our carbon output are on the way out. Cloud-based storage is leading the charge to reduce our personal energy usage. 

With cloud-based storage solutions, you are able to extend the lives of your personal devices and reduce the number of local storage solutions in your homes and offices. The days of tossing a flagging laptop and purchasing yet another massive storage device are quickly falling by the wayside. Cloud-based storage solutions are able to hold an effectively infinitely massive amount of data without increasing your personal carbon output. They also bring the storage needs of many organizations together onto a smaller number of devices, lowering the need for power-hungry local storage servers. 

Cloud storage allows us to do more with less, and when we can do more with less, we are able to protect our environments more effectively.

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AXEL Go uses a decentralized server network to protect your data and the world your data lives in. With our cloud-based security, you and your colleagues are able to free up your resources and reduce your carbon footprint. When every computer can be your secure office, your overhead and energy are drastically reduced.

Try AXELGo for free today and see how encryption and the environment intersect. 

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