5 Things You Need for Enterprise File Sharing

Big business means big file storage needs. Information is like the nervous system for the giant body your enterprise inhabits. With the right file-sharing solution, your business can make quick pivots, engage its staff to the fullest, and protect your client’s information. Doing this with a single click and easily implemented software? 

Even better. 

Here are five of the most important things to look for in a competent enterprise file-sharing solution. 


Because we live online, easy access is the number one feature every file-storage solution offers. Once a file makes its way to the cloud, it should be easily accessible from any device with internet access. With the right access and authentication tools, every device on the planet can act as a mobile office, giving clients more convenient access to your services while ensuring your business is able to keep moving without a single hiccup.

Accessibility is also important for the office. Whether remote, local, or hybrid, every employee needs access to the right files in order to function. With hyper-accessible cloud storage, work can happen no matter the time or place.

Highly-accessible storage services work both within a browser and in a dedicated application. They should also provide quick views without the need for a secondary piece of software. If someone sends a spreadsheet, one click should be enough to open it so you can get back to work.


Access should never come at the expense of security. In fact, access should facilitate it. Secure cloud-based file-sharing solutions built to service high-volume enterprises are built with security in mind at every turn. Data breaches are more than embarrassing, they’re expensive. Because of that reality, cloud-based storage services have a high security threshold to meet if they want to be the software solution enterprises turn to.

Link-based shares could quickly become a security risk without the ability to protect them with a customizable password. Without professional-grade encryption, every wi-fi network or otherwise compromised device would become a billboard broadcasting the personal and private data of our clients and our businesses.

Storage Space

With 500+ employees, storage needs add up quickly. Any business understands how important it is to have backups and long-term, compliant storage. Law firms and healthcare institutions have government-mandated minimum lengths of time a file must be in their care. Once businesses beholden to these rules scale up and take on hundreds of clients, the data needs quickly become unwieldy without a storage solution to fall back on. 

Cloud-based storage is about more than easy access. It’s about long-term compliance and careful record-keeping. If your storage solution can’t account for that, then the search must continue.

Ease of Use

With so many hands on deck, any new storage solution needs to Large businesses need to be easy to deploy and simple to explain. Intuitive design needs to undergird the high-quality encryption and massive storage space required to run an enterprise-level cloud-based storage system. 

Many enterprise-level storage systems will rely on familiar design language to make users comfortable. With comfort and understanding, comes compliance. Many data breaches occur when a single user ventures outside of the prescribed storage and sharing best practices.

The inverse, however, also applies. When a file-sharing solution is simple and unobtrusive, then users are more likely to stay on the platform, increasing the overall security and efficiency of a workplace.


Finally, comes privacy. Privacy for big business means keeping the competition out. Data is only useful in large quantities. This puts enterprise-level businesses in an uncomfortable position. Many of the tools they are best served by are the same tools that are hungry for their information. 

A cloud-based storage solution should be the last place harvesting the information your business generates. AXEL Go is a a cloud-based file-sharing and storage service that treats your data with the respect and care it deserves.

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