The Impact of Cloud-Based File Storage on Remote Work

In 2020, the vision of the perfect office has been changed forever. Remote work gives us the ability to reduce overhead and seek talent in ways previously thought to be impractical. Remote work comes with a few communication and collaboration hurdles, and cloud-based file storage is the remedy to those work woes. How does cloud-based file storage benefit the remote workplace? 


First and foremost, your business needs security. The remote office is open to a few unique avenues of attack. Your colleagues should be briefed on basic internet security, of course, but cloud-based file storage gives your workplace an additional edge in the fight for security and privacy on the internet. 

A cloud-based, corporate file sharing solution provides premium-grade security services to small businesses without the need for an IT team or a dedicated cybersecurity staff. The use of a cloud solution for storage and sharing will relieve much of the mental and financial burden of properly protecting the personally-identifying information and trade secrets that businesses generate while operating online. 

Cloud-based security solutions also circumvent many of the security missteps a colleague may make while working from home. Unsecured wifi signals and misfired link-based shares, and a plethora of simple mistakes that could bring down a business can be simply sidestepped by relying on a cloud-based storage solution to send, save, and share crucial files. 


Remote collaboration is all about access. It’s easy to send the incorrect version of a final project, accidentally forget to grant access to a user, or forget to send a last-minute file altogether. Cloud-based file storage solutions give workplaces a shared space that can be accessible by everyone on staff with a single click. Shared file management can be further customized to create permissions down to the individual level. This gives co-workers access to everything they need without overwhelming each other with information or creating an opportunity for accidental file deletion.

A common worry when switching to cloud-based file storage is related to system outages. The last thing you want when closing with a client is for your files to be locked behind a darkened server. Many decentralized file storage solutions have begun to crop up. These Web3-powered storage servers are more secure and robust than traditional storage solutions. With a decentralized server structure, the chances for outages and breaches are drastically reduced by building in redundancies and obfuscating the locations of files that have been stored on such a service. 

Build Your Business With AXEL Go

AXEL Go is a decentralized business file sharing and storage service backed by blockchain technology and cutting-edge encryption. We have built a customizable and user-friendly storage experience that organizations can seamlessly meld with their daily operations. 

Password-protected link-based shares, secure fetch, and shared storage spaces make collaborating with colleagues simple, unobtrusive, and quick. Features like our eSignatures make closing contracts with clients a snap from anywhere in the world. AXEL Go creates a mobile office out of any device and an internet connection.

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AXEL Go is a leading file sharing application offering encrypted file transfer and a private cloud storage solution across North & South America, Europe and beyond. We serve many businesses across the board including finance, accounting, real estate, government, construction, manufacturing, education, legal, marketing, and software industries. Take control of your privacy and send files securely with AXEL Go's top-rated secure document management platform.

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