The Risks of Using Unsecured File-Sharing Solutions

We tend to take our security for granted on the internet. More often than not, we are using methods of file-sharing that are perfectly serviceable, without understanding the real risk to which we are exposing ourselves and our clients. Relying on unsecured file-sharing is one of the easiest ways to lose our personal data, our livelihoods, and the trust of our clients. 

Common file-sharing security risks

If the internet is anything, it is consistent. Data breaches and malware risks have been the two most reliable methods for bad actors for decades now. The only thing that has changed in regard to these threats has been the methods with which they have been deployed.

  1. Data Breaches: A data breach is when a bad actor has obtained access to the contents of a file, the file itself, or the server upon which the data reside. Data breaches typically target large businesses with massive repositories of sensitive information and small businesses that may not have the budget to protect the data of their clients.
  1. Malware: While less common in 2023, malware is a method that bad actors use to bring a business to its knees. These malware attacks typically take the form of ransomware attacks. Ransomware attacks can be most easily understood as a digital hostage scenario. Users are locked out of their machines until they pay a ransom. These attacks are disruptive to business, expensive, and incredibly embarrassing. 

Ways to secure your files

Online security is a constant arms race. When file-sharing services roll out security innovations, bad actors immediately get to work attempting to circumvent them. However, a few methods have proven to consistently protect the denizens of the internet.

  • Using Secure File-Sharing: File-sharing solutions aren’t built the same. Premium file-sharing solutions provide password protection, encryption, and a plethora of other security features that routinely divert attacks on server infrastructures and personal communications.
  • Avoid Email Risks: Email is one of the most widely available forms of communication. A majority of the population has access to an email address. The dark side of this equalizing technology is the incredibly prevalent threat of phishing attacks. In 2021, 90% of cyber attacks slipped in through email scams. Email servers are also filled to the brim with abandoned attachments. These servers act as a treasure trove for bad actors, a problem that secure file-sharing services avoid entirely.

Why you need a secure file management system

Secure file-management systems, simply put, are the most effective method for storing, sharing, and protecting your files. We use file-sharing systems to share crucial trade secrets and financial data, we use secure eSignatures to seal contracts, and we entrust file-management systems with our precious memories. Secure document management software also gives us access to our data from every device at any time. It’s unrealistic to use the internet in 2023 without relying on a secure method for storing and sharing your documents and memories. 

AXEL Go gives users all of these benefits along with cutting-edge security features. We use link-based sharing to generate file-sharing sessions. Our file fetch allows users to securely retrieve files from anyone on the internet regardless of whether or not they’re an AXEL Go member. Above all, AXEL Go is free and simple to use.

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