Secure File Sharing: Best Practices for Keeping Your Data Safe in the Cloud

The internet is built on data. Businesses live and die by their ability to either sell or protect your information. If you want to live a life online without being bombarded by Big Tech and data brokers, then you need to understand how to best protect your data in the cloud.

Best Practices for Data Security in The Cloud

Protecting your data in the cloud is a little unique. Big Tech likes to bring users into an ecosystem in which they can monitor their activity. This is true for everything from social media to file-sharing.

Find a Secure Service

Protecting your data is about more than simply protecting the bits uploaded to the cloud. Data related to interactions with a file-sharing service, what you’ve shared with who, and where your files have been stored is the kind of data that brokers are interested in. 

Finding a secure service means finding a service that is dedicated to security and your personal privacy. Security comes from encryption and server decentralization, but privacy comes from the terms of service. Find a file-sharing service that will not gather and sell your data to brokers in exchange for service, and your privacy will be leaps and bounds above the pack. 

Commit to Your Service

Your files are only as secure as you make them. A file-sharing service only works when you’ve committed to using it. When sharing and storing files or backing up data, make sure you’re defaulting to your secure storage service.

Features like secure fetch will also help you create a secure storage ecosystem. By using secure fetch features, users are able to generate a shareable link that their colleagues can use to encrypt and drop files directly into the appropriate folders.

Divest from Big Tech 

The biggest consumer of your data is Big Tech. It is easy to leap for the conveniences of Facebook Messenger or Google Drive. The ubiquity and scale of Big Tech giants is their strength, and the strongest tool we have on our belt is divestment. 

Seek out alternatives to the Big Tech giants and you will find that your life will be more secure, easier to manage, and, most importantly, private. 

Join AXEL Go 

AXEL Go is the private file storage and sharing solution that will never sell your data. Big Tech applications want you under their umbrella so they can suck every bit of data out of your life. AXEL Go is here to change that. 

We have built a decentralized blockchain-backed storage service that is just as secure as the big guys but with the promise of privacy.

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