Advantages of Cloud-Based File Storage for Small Businesses

Operating a business online is like navigating a minefield of bad actors, ransomware, and security vulnerabilities. Risk aside, the Internet is a non-negotiable piece of a modern business strategy. How can you harness the benefits of the Internet while protecting your business from the pitfalls bad actors have built into the system?

Protection Protection Protection

Small businesses have enough to worry about simply by existing. Tight budgets, narrow margins, and hyper-competitive markets make the act of maintaining a small business incredibly harrowing. The last thing a business owner should have to worry about while conducting business is whether or not their data has been sufficiently protected. 

Cloud-based file storage is the obvious solution to this persistent worry. Cloud-based business file sharing and storage solutions take sensitive information off of local machines and lock them away in heavily-encrypted servers. The encryption that cloud-based file storage can provide is leaps and bounds beyond the protection capabilities of a mom-and-pop business just trying to make ends meet. Small businesses often handle big information. Personally identifying information, trade secrets, and recipes hold small businesses together, and losing just one of these files to a bad actor is enough to bring a burgeoning enterprise down. 

Cloud-based file-storage solutions are able to provide end-to-end encryption from any device by outsourcing the heavy computing needs to the cloud. An iPhone with access to the cloud is able to handle sharing and fully encrypting large files that greatly exceed its internal memory. 

Ease of Access

When running a small business, you’re never truly off the clock. Business owners often need access to information while on the go. Employees may call to ask about procedures or request financial information. In the incredibly fast-paced business world we live in now, it’s imperative that business owners have access to all of their data at all times. 

Cloud based-file storage gives business owners mobility and reaction speed that has previously been just out of reach. Building a robust and comprehensive file system in the cloud will give you access to every file you need no matter where you are or which device is immediately available. The beauty of cloud-based storage is immediately apparent when a smartphone can act as a mobile office while you’re out securing clients or restocking the back of house in the middle of an unexpectedly busy weekend. 

File size is no concern with cloud-based file-sharing systems. By using link-based shares, you can act as a digital traffic controller, sending, storing, and retrieving files with a single click. Managing cloud-based storage is simple and never overloads your local device with massive files, while giving you direct and instant access to any files of any size. 

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AXEL Go is the file-storage and sharing solution that is fully committed to protecting and facilitating business. We have built a cloud-based file storage solution for businesses both large and small. We believe that security should never be limited by computing power, budget, or location. To prove it, we provide free AES 256-bit encryption and secure storage to everybody on our platform. Our decentralized server structure has been built to protect and serve businesses anywhere in the world from any device.

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