How Decentralized File-Sharing Thwarts Common Threats

Most bad actors take advantage of common vulnerabilities. When you look in the news and hear about high-profile security breaches, the stories are almost always the same. It’s either some savvy social engineering, a directed attack on a centralized server, or some kind of devastating software exploit. There has to be a better way.

Well, there is.

What is decentralization?

Decentralization is a piece of jargon that developers use when they need to talk about a certain kind of server structure. Decentralized servers are simply a network of servers that talk to each other across the internet without having to be directly or locally connected. What does this mean?

A server is just a computer with a specific task. We use servers for everything from storage to processing information. Servers need to communicate with one another. That is typically done by hardwiring them together and leaving them in the same room. This sort of networking effectively makes a larger and more powerful server. 

The problem with a centralized server structure is how intimately connected the servers are. Once a bad actor has made their way into a server, they can strip mine it for information at blazing speeds. This is why so many users are affected by data breaches.

Why Use Decentralized Servers?

Decentralized servers offer a number of advantages. They subvert many common cybersecurity threats by eliminating the possibilities at the source.

Take, for example, the centralized security breach. When a bad actor has access to a centralized server system, they have access to all of the data found within. With a decentralized system, a breached server stops the attack in its tracks. Because they are limited to a single node on the network, someone with unauthorized access to distributed data will only have access to a quite limited range of information.

If you are able to pair this simple security benefit with clever engineering solutions, you are able to create a security method that vastly outpaces the alternatives. Further, decentralized server structures are more stable in many respects than their centralized competitors. 

How Decentralized Servers Work for You

Decentralized servers are more secure, easier to protect, and cheaper than centralized alternatives. With a decentralized file-sharing service, users are able to store, share, and retrieve data from their colleagues without worrying their data is at risk. 

The damage created by centralized data breaches can quickly add up to millions of dollars. Engineers have been working to create more resilient and equally intuitive. On the backend, we are able to create labyrinthine security measures that keep bad actors from combing through decentralized systems. Using decentralized storage, your data can be stored in encrypted fragments, never assembled in one piece until someone uses the proper channels to request the data. This means, that a data breach will only yield fractions of protected data that unauthorized users will never be able to utilize for their own gain. 

Decentralized server networks are also more resilient than traditional servers. By creating a network of servers, it is possible to protect data from service blackouts. Using backups and data fragmentation, we can create a robust storage network that is built on a foundation of security and an abundance of caution, minimizing the potential for service interruptions. 

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