The Future of Data Security: How Blockchain-Backed Storage is Revolutionizing the Cloud

Blockchain technology has been experiencing a bit of a boom in the last few years. This method of collecting and verifying information on the internet has revolutionized our ability to create “real” digital objects. With blockchain tech, information is much more difficult to entirely duplicate or otherwise forge, creating a much more stable and reliable internet. How can this be used with cloud storage to protect your privacy and your data? 

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology is a piece of tech that has been in the spotlight recently because of its unique ability to create unique and stable assets on the internet. We often think of digital spaces as infinitely reproducible, think of how easily we can screenshot or save images that have been uploaded to the internet. By using blockchain technology, we are able to create unique, verifiable ledgers of activity on the internet.

Blockchains are networks of information made up of chunks of data called blocks that hold information about transactions. These blocks are packaged together once they hold a specific number of valid transactions and added to the chain of blocks in sequential order. This means that the last block on a chain is always full of the most recent information 

Because blockchain ledgers are made up of a long string of cross-verified entries, there is no way to duplicate an action without either breaking the chain or effectively creating another unique and verified copy. Even a block that has been faked or altered will be processed and vetted just like any other block on the chain, preventing forgery in a tangible way. 

How We Use Blockchain Technology to Secure Your Files

The utility of blockchain technology has famously been tied to cryptocurrencies. Because generating a block requires real work on a computer that must be verified by a network of machines, blockchains are an excellent method for tracking the amount and value of a digital asset.

We have taken that idea one step further. Our blockchain-backed file-sharing service uses familiar blockchain technology, but we apply it in a unique fashion. Our storage creates a blockchain ledger that verifies and stores the validity of a transfer. This means we have a total record of any attempt to pull any information from your storage without authorization. We are also able to do this without taking note of the information itself, protecting your privacy from bad actors and our storage servers alike.

With the use of blockchain technology, our servers are also able to maintain a totally decentralized structure. This means that on top of end-to-end encryption, we are able to use the inherent security of decentralized servers to further protect your files. 

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