How AXEL Go Gives Your Privacy Back

In 2022, our privacy has been in more peril than ever before. Big Tech has been hacking away at the walls of our personal lives for years now, all in the name of making more and more money off of us while we use their walled gardens. Google, for example, has been using its massive ubiquity to push competitors out of various areas from word processors to file storage solutions, they have found more clever and invasive ways to peer more deeply into the depths of technological habits. Today, we need services that return that privacy to us.

Why does Big Tech want your data?

Nothing is more valuable than individuality, and data collection agencies understand that more than anybody on the planet. Your data is a digital gold mine that every industry on the planet is clamoring to get their hands on.

Using your personal data to shuttle you as efficiently as possible into bespoke corners of the internet serves many purposes. Social media services like Twitter rely on the perfect combination of outrage and delight to engage their users for as much time as possible. The slot machine-like refresh actions on Instagram and the infinitely scrolling feeds all use your data to mete out content at a pace that has been carefully tailored to keep you near their advertisers for hours at a time.  

Your data is also valuable to one more client, the government. Government agencies like local police stations have nearly unfettered access to your data through Big Tech and other data collection agencies. These organizations happily sell your information to law enforcement regardless of due process or reasonable suspicion. Because your privacy has been eroded by private industry, the government is able to circumvent many protections you have in place to shield you from unreasonably invasive searches.

The Benefits of Restoring Your Privacy

While Big Tech is chipping away at our privacy, there is hope at the end of the tunnel. Smaller industries have begun cropping up to protect your data. With clever Web 3.0 solutions, many companies have started to build their businesses on a foundation of privacy and security. 

Restoring your privacy means taking your data back from Big Tech. For example, file storage services like Google Drive and Apple’s iCloud have full access to your data. They scan every file in some form or another and have intimate knowledge of the personal information users have entrusted to them. While their services may claim not to take action based on their findings, this may not always be the case.

Many gaps in iCloud Security not only leave its users open to embarrassing security breaches, they also leave the door wide open for law enforcement. In fact, all they have to do in many cases is ask, meaning that your password protection and encryption are easily circumvented by a single email.

Restoring your connection to your privacy protects you from these seizures of information. They also make you a less lucrative product for social media services, and advertisers have less access to information that belongs in your private life. 

How AXEL Go Restores Your Privacy

AXEL Go operates on one simple foundation. Privacy. Building a private file-sharing and storage service means building a uniquely secure service. The first step in this process is closing the back doors. End-to-end encryption means nothing if there is a backup key waiting to unlock your data. To this end, AXEL refuses to generate a key for itself, the only person with access to your storage is you. Similarly, we do not peer into your storage, and this practice is enforced by design. 

Decentralizing file storage comes with the added benefit of increased privacy. Decentralized storage servers split data up into discrete segments that are then encrypted in separate locations until it is time to recall a file. This means that hackers that breach a single server are incapable of reassembling the data they find, and AXEL as an organization has no ability to look at the contents of your storage.

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