Creating a Walled Garden With Your File-sharing Service

Using a file-sharing system to organize your data should be easy and secure. When your data is stored within the right system, you’re given a customizable and flexible fortress. File-sharing is about more than simply storing and sharing a secondary copy of your data. Cutting-edge file-sharing gives users the ability to welcome authorized parties into their private corners of the internet without relinquishing control. 

Protect your Privacy

Protecting your data requires privacy. When you entrust your files to a secure file-storage application, that application has a responsibility to protect them from bad actors and themselves alike. Big Tech file-sharing has fallen short of its privacy promises. Companies like Apple have faced massive backlash in response to their plans to scan the private storage of their customers. Often, Big Tech simply decides when and where it would like to peer into the files of its users, apologizing after the fact.

A truly private file storage and sharing application would avoid this problem altogether. By encrypting files during transit and storage, a sharing application is able to protect its users while keeping their data private. Some applications like Whatsapp have built-in backdoors and secondary encryption keys. In order to build a private digital storage space, it is imperative to understand whether your service of choice has deliberately inbuilt measures that deflate the privacy you expect to receive. 

File Share with Flexibility

A file-sharing app is only as good as its ability to easily share files. Google Drive is easily one of the most popular file-sharing applications on the market right now, and its sharing process is a mess of permissions and miscommunications. Google Drive also lacks the ability to fine-tune the time and access that recipients have to files that have been shared. 

When it comes to securely sharing large files in teams, flexibility is the most important feature a service can offer. Filmmakers, photographers, and musicians have an inflated need to share large files with their colleagues, and many file-sharing services make this aspect of communication incredibly difficult.

With password-protected file-sharing, a single link can be circulated in the appropriate spaces, with the knowledge that unauthorized recipients will have no access to the files in question. Further, link-based shares can be built with a custom expiration date in mind. This ensures that links left in an unsecured channel are of no use to a bad actor.

Join AXEL Go 

AXEL Go gives users unparalleled control and flexibility over their private storage. We have built a storage system that takes full advantage of Web3-style decentralization and cutting-edge encryption. AXEL Go is able to provide this security and flexibility without touching your personal data, unlike similar services provided by Big Tech. 

Untying yourself from the ever-watchful eye of Big Tech companies is easier than ever. Try AXEL Go for free today and see how easy it can be to share and protect your files.


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