How to Build a Private Storage Server

Building a business online these days requires a massive amount of storage space. We want to be able to offer a place for our colleagues to access crucial documents, stay on task, and easily collaborate. This can mean outsourcing server space to a server farm and praying it won’t break your budget. It can also mean handing over your information to a Big Tech file-storage service and putting your faith in their, often draconian, terms of service. We don’t believe those should be the only options. How can a small business easily build a secure storage space that works for work?


The first concern when it comes to building a private storage space is security. Businesses across all industries fall victim to costly security breaches resulting in billions of lost dollars every year. Building truly private digital storage requires two things:

Professional-grade Encryption: Encryption protects files by making them incomprehensible to outside parties. Data that is in transit or sitting in storage should be encrypted until the proper encryption key is applied. This creates a barrier to access that is incredibly difficult to pry open by brute force. AES 256-bit encryption, for example, requires billions of attempts to breach. Pairing encryption with other security measures further increases its already robust utility. 

Web3 Security Measures: In 2023, Web3 is not just for cryptocurrency. Storage services use the decentralization principles that the blockchain has established to create cloud storage apps that are incredibly difficult to take down. By utilizing a decentralized personal storage space, a business is able to depend on consistent and secure access to its most crucial documents, and individuals can rest easy knowing their files are backed up and fortified. 


Control is the second concern for building a private storage space. Giving users total control over their data is incredibly important when it comes to building a personal storage space that users and colleagues can rely on for years at a time.

Link-based sharing: link-based sharing is one of the best ways to have full control over who is allowed to send and receive data from a storage space. With link-based sharing, a user is able to ensure the files that are being shared do not sit on a third party’s servers. This is a common issue with using email attachments to share private information that link-based shares circumvent.

Password protection: Big Tech’s file-sharing services lack customizable password-protecting sharing. By adding an additional barrier to access like customized passwords, it is easy to ensure that a mis-shared or intercepted link does not open up a share to unauthorized parties.

Personal Encryption Keys: Many Big Tech storage services have inbuilt back doors in the form of an overriding encryption key. This is often done in the name of allowing users to retrieve lost data, but it creates a massive risk. This means that bad actors, government agencies, and clever schemers can find a way into private storage servers by gaining access to a poorly-secured encryption key. Good private storage will forego the opportunity to keep an encryption key of its own in order to give its users ultimate privacy. 

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