Dropbox Alternative: AXEL Go vs Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud storage and sharing platform with which, many are familiar. If you’re here, you’re looking for a more secure, more approachable alternative. Enter, AXEL Go. We’re a cloud storage and file-sharing service that has poured all of our resources into privacy, security, and control.

AxelGo as a Dropbox Alternative

In 2023, security is the name of the game. Cloud storage services need to stand up to the relentless attempts of bad actors. Data leaks and breaches have cost American businesses billions of dollars in ransom and damages. These data leaks could have easily been avoided with a little upfront investment in truly secure storage methods.

As an alternative to Dropbox, AXEL Go is dedicated to providing unique and hyper-secure methods of security for everyone — big business, small business, or your own personal private business.

Why AxelGo is your Dropbox Replacement 

AXEL Go specializes in security and privacy. Where Dropbox provides perfectly competent encryption and storage security, AXEL goes the extra mile. 


Many tech companies make their money by selling your data. AXEL Go is committed to privacy, meaning that your data is never harvested or sold to a third party to make a quick buck.

Decentralized Servers 

AXEL Go is built with a fully decentralized server structure. This means that all of the data stored with AXEL Go is stored across a network of autonomous machines, working in concert with one another. Decentralized storage servers are more resilient than the traditional centralized server farm. In the event of a server blackout, decentralized machines are able to pick up the slack and keep a service running where centralized services would simply fail.

Powerful Encryption

Encryption is the process of encoding and obscuring data. This is done to provide a secondary line of defense in the event of a data breach. Should bad actors get ahold of your data, proper encryption will keep them out. With AXEL Go, only authorized users have access to the keys to unencrypt your data. 

Many services will keep a copy of your encryption key, or create a backdoor as a “contingency plan.” This only opens your data up to more vulnerability. 

Why You Need a Secure File Management System with Cloud Storage

Living and working online means having access to your most crucial data at any time. Our fast-paced lives all but require constant, secure access to our files. With the right cloud storage service, your life can exist entirely online with effectively zero interruptions. 

Cloud storage services are built and broken on their ability to provide secure file management. Secure file management systems are designed to strike the perfect balance of security and utility. AXEL Go does this with clean and simple UX design. Our file management system is as intuitive and streamlined as your desktop, meaning that you can always find and share your documents in a flash.

Whether at home or on the go, every file you need for business, all of your family photos, and any other file you could ever need is a single click or tap away.

Join AXEL Go

If you’re looking for the ultimate alternative to cloud storage services like Dropbox, AXEL Go is one of the most secure file-sharing, document management, and cloud storage solutions for you to collect, store, and securely share files with teammates and clients.

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AXEL Go is a leading file sharing application offering encrypted file transfer and a private cloud storage solution across North & South America, Europe and beyond. We serve many businesses across the board including finance, accounting, real estate, government, construction, manufacturing, education, legal, marketing, and software industries. Take control of your privacy and send files securely with AXEL Go's top-rated secure document management platform.

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