How to Protect Your Data

Ways to Secure Data

Use Secure Cloud Storage 

Cloud storage is more than a modern convenience. We depend on secure storage methods to protect our privacy and data while the internet has broadly become a much more harrowing place. Using a cloud storage service gives your data access to 24/7 encryption and redundancies that are simply only feasible at scale.

Increased Vigilance

The tricks have remained more or less the same for bad actors. While some of their tools are more sophisticated, a data breach still needs an access point.  Keep an eye out for phishing attempts, ransomware tends to hitch a ride in disguise, and only share your passwords with trusted sources.

Stay Offline

The only way to fully protect yourself from every conceivable online threat is to keep yourself off the internet. Hard drives and snail mail were once the only options we had for transferring and storing data. As tempting as it is to return to the old days, that’s not quite the solution we’re looking for.

Why You Need a Secure File Management System

Secure file management is the only way we can operate on the internet without fully exposing our data to bad actors. With a cloud storage solution that provides privacy and security, your personal business gets to stay private. 

When it comes to security, AXEL Go shines. We have built our cloud storage ecosystem on a foundation of privacy and security. Our severs are decentralized, meaning that even in the event of a security breach, your data remains secure. Every upload, share, and fetch is fully encrypted, meaning that even in the event of an interception, bad actors have no chance of accessing your content.

AXEL Go is one of the most secure file-sharing, document management, and cloud storage solutions for you to collect, store, and securely share files with teammates and clients.

Join AXEL Go

File security is one of the most important utilities on the internet today. With the constant threat of security breaches, you can never be too careful. Thankfully, AXEL is providing a simple and cost-effective solution. 

Our decentralized servers, end-to-end encryption, and secure authorization ledgers operate in concert to provide next-generation security that works. Try AXEL Go today to see how easy it can be to protect your data.

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AXEL Go is a leading file sharing application offering encrypted file transfer and a private cloud storage solution across North & South America, Europe and beyond. We serve many businesses across the board including finance, accounting, real estate, government, construction, manufacturing, education, legal, marketing, and software industries. Take control of your privacy and send files securely with AXEL Go's top-rated secure document management platform.

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