Why and How We Use End-to-End Encryption to Protect Your Files

Encryption is one of the most important tools keeping the internet from collapsing in on itself. We use encryption everywhere from your online banking to your Facebook password. By encrypting data, we are able to protect it from nosy digital neighbors and bad actors alike. That being said, how could you possibly improve upon this already crucial feature?

What is End-to-End Encryption?

End-to-end encryption is an evolution of the world of encryption. With end-to-end encryption, data is protected in every stage of transit. Usually when we think of encryption, it is in reference to the state of data within a storage container. Servers are often encrypted to prevent unauthorized access. This is because data is at its most vulnerable when it’s sitting on a server. If data is so safe when it is in storage, then why do we need end-to-end encryption?

Why do we do this?

Ironically, the increased protection provided by storage encryption has created a new vulnerability. Bad actors have turned to wifi connections and other methods of communication for their breaches. Hijacked and spoofed wifi signals have become an access point for bad actors. They can use these to pull your data right out of the air.

Taking the security battle outside of a storage server means that we have had to adapt to these new threats quickly. This is why end-to-end encryption is so crucial for comprehensive file security. By protecting files while they are in transit, we create a digital tank that protects your data from both storage attacks and in-transit heists.

How we do this

End-to-end encryption works similarly to standard encryption. We use AES 256-bit encryption to break files into hundreds of segments that are then randomly reassembled. Once a file has been thoroughly encrypted, a key is generated. 

Encryption keys are generated only by the parties relevant to the conversation or file transfer. By only giving keys to authorized parties, end-to-end encryption becomes one of the most secure methods for transmitting information. Bad actors that take over wifi signals aren’t able to crack the encryption.

Join AXEL Go

AXEL Go is powered by cutting-edge security. We use end-to-end encryption, decentralized servers, and two-factor authorization to protect files from bad actors. Security is not the only thing that AXEL Go believes in privacy. We will never sell your data, we don’t keep encryption keys or build back doors into your storage. Your data belongs to you and we want to keep it that way. 

Try AXEL Go for free today and see how you can keep your data to yourself.


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