Privacy Matters: The Benefits of Encrypted Cloud Storage for Everyday Users

Your privacy is at risk nearly every moment you exist online. Big tech companies harvest your most innocuous data in order to build highly invasive profiles of your behavior, your face is plastered all over social media, and bad actors spend the majority of their time looking for ways to steal your identity in increasingly obtuse methods. How can you manage to protect yourself in the face of these attacks without becoming a high-level security engineer? Well, step one could be relying on encrypted cloud storage.

Why Do You Need Data Security?

Frankly, the internet is a dangerous place. As a tool, it has improved the lives of billions of people, it’s an unprecedented doorway into the lives of others, and easily the most convenient solution to nearly every single modern problem that comes to mind. This massive convenience has led more people to put their lives nearly entirely online.

When you live your life on the internet, you open yourself up to digital threats from every angle. Convenience for you also means convenience for bad actors. Your sensitive data can languish on an email server, waiting to be pulled from the ether by a savvy hacker, your selfies can fall victim to a ransomware attack, or your computer can be turned into a brick with a few lines of malicious code. 

Data security online is all about making yourself as resilient against digital threats as possible. As citizens of the internet, we have to be diligent in the face of cyber security threats. We do this in a few ways. 

Good Security Hygiene

Hackers have been pulling from a bag of tricks that is about as old as the internet itself. At their most basic, these scams are looking for an access point. This may be done by masquerading as an official service or looking for a way to trick you into giving up your passwords.

Security basics like keeping an eye out for suspicious messages, changing your passwords often, and verifying links from “trusted senders” go a long way in protecting your data. When pairing caution with security redundancies, your time on the internet becomes safe and secure.

Powerful Tools

It’s unreasonable to expect a high degree of technical literacy simply to exist on the internet. That’s why offloading the mental burden onto security tools is the solution most people should reach for. Secure cloud storage services, virtual private networks, and the like have created simple solutions for complicated security risks. 

Bringing Encryption into the Equation 

The best way to protect your data is to encrypt it at every possible moment. Encryption is the process of the process of converting information or data into a code to prevent unauthorized access. Technically encryption has been around as long as we’ve had the capacity to write coded messages. These days, encryption is carried out by computers using sophisticated algorithms and highly guarded decryption keys. 

This may sound complicated, but many services have done the heavy lifting for you. Encrypted cloud storage services, for example, have inbuilt end-to-end encryption services that can be activated with a simple click. 

End-to-end encryption is an amazing feature that secures users against many common threats. For example, hackers have taken to impersonating wifi networks and scraping all of the data that comes through their bogus connection. End-to-end encryption stops this in its tracks. Even if data has been lifted via an imposter connection, its encrypted state means that the information that has been stolen is effectively useless without an encryption key. 

Even in storage, end-to-end encryption works to protect your data. By encrypting information at rest, you create a shield that is ready to defend you even in the face of the most clever hacking attempts.

Join AXEL Go

In short, encrypted cloud storage is for the people. At AXEL, we have built a cloud storage solution that is simple to set up, easy to maintain, and exceedingly secure. Our decentralized storage structure and cutting-edge encryption is designed to work without you lifting a finger. That means your data stays private and your peace of mind is built in.

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