How to Encrypt Your Large Files for Free

In 2023, information is king. Your data, personally identifying information, and records of your online behavior are bought and sold for an incredibly high price. If it’s not Big Tech you have to look out for, then you should be on the lookout for bad actors. When sharing large files, the least you can do to protect them is it is essential to protect them with every method possible. Large files act like a beacon to people that have access to your network or your machine, with end-to-end encryption, you can rest easy knowing that your large files are safe and secure.

What is Encryption

Encryption is the process of turning information into a code that can only be reversed with either brute force or with the use of an encryption key. We have been encrypting information for nearly as long as written information has existed.

Many file-sharing services use an AES 256-bit encryption protocol. In simple terms, AES 256-bit uses nearly three hundred points of information to shuffle your data hundreds of times into an entirely unrecognizable format. An encryption key is generated when this encryption occurs. Without an encryption key, anybody looking to decrypt a file will need an incredibly powerful device and billions of years. 

Why Encrypt Your Large Files 

Encryption is one of the most successful safety nets on the internet. Bad actors will go to mind-boggling lengths to gain access to your information. One of the most common methods is to spoof a familiar wifi signal and use that disguised access point to read every bit of data communicated between a connected device and the broader internet. This sophisticated method of surveillance is easily circumvented with end-to-end encryption. 

When a file is encrypted and stolen after the fact, bad actors and unauthorized recipients are still barred from reading the contents of a stolen, encrypted file. True encryption also prevents Big Tech and government entities from reading your personal conversations or monitoring your private file transfers without permission.

How to Encrypt Files

In the past, it took a lot of technical knowledge to generate and effectively share an encrypted file. Today, it’s as easy as selecting a file-sharing service that respects your privacy. 

AXEL Go is a decentralized file-sharing service that is dedicated to providing privacy and security to its users. Sharing large files with your friends, family members, and colleagues is as simple as clicking a single button. We make end-to-end encryption simple and accessible because we understand the importance of protecting your data in 2023. 

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