Why Decentralized Storage is More Secure than Traditional Cloud-Based Storage Solutions

Security is on a neverending road toward improvement. Decentralized storage is the next natural evolution of file storage security. In the file storage space, we use decentralized storage to bring stability and security to an industry that needs it the most.

What is Decentralized Storage?

Decentralization is the act of using a widely-distributed network of servers to provide a service. In the case of decentralized storage, a network of servers is used to house redundant copies and fragments of information. 

Currently, the Internet uses centralized servers for almost everything. Websites, social media platforms, and storage services like Google Drive rely on a centralized server structure. While these centralized storage spaces are built out of thousands of individual servers racked together in massive warehouses, they are still effectively a single server in a single location. This creates massive vulnerabilities. 

Why use Decentralized Storage? 

Decentralization opens new avenues of protection that centralized servers simply cannot provide. 

For example, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a centralized service that undergirds an untold number of services on the Internet. When AWS experiences a brief hiccup, hundreds of sites are unable to retrieve their data. This also means that AWS servers act as their own beacon, drawing bad actors toward their massive servers full of personal information. AWS breaches are common enough to draw a timeline1 of high-profile hacks that have exposed the data with which Amazon has been entrusted.

Decentralized storage, however, is able to distribute data across a number of digital and physical locations. Breaches are exponentially less likely to get a hold of actionable information when they occur in a decentralized server network because the data simply is not available. Bad actors would need to pinpoint every instance of data, breach several servers without being detected, and decrypt several disparate packages of information. 

This additional security also works to create more stable Internet services. Decentralized servers create several accessible backups. If a centralized server is knocked offline, users are out of luck until service is restored. With decentralized servers, a network of integrated backups works together to make a more resilient Internet. 

Join AXEL Go 

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Try AXEL Go for free today and see why decentralized storage is more secure than the storage you’re used to. 


Heiligenstein, Michael X. “Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data Breaches: Full Timeline through 2023.” Firewall Times, April 6, 2023. https://firewalltimes.com/amazon-web-services-data-breach-timeline/

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