How AXEL Go Gives Users Control of Their Data

2023 is the year we will begin to regain control over our data. Trends are pointing in a positive direction, the control that Big Tech has over our personal information is beginning to come to light, and the people of the internet have been dissatisfied with what they’ve seen. The beginning of a new standard of digital privacy. How does AXEL Go stand on the forefront of this new wave of reclaimed privacy and control? 


AXEL Go is built on a foundation of security. We use a blend of old-school encryption, cutting-edge Web3 innovation, and clever engineering to build a storage infrastructure that not only secures the data of our users but offers them complete privacy. 

Encryption is a common process that storage and communication services use that scrambles information. This information can only be unlocked with an encryption key. Many tech companies compromise the privacy of their users by holding onto an encryption key of their own. This is often done in the name of allowing users to recover their lost data, but time and again, it has been proven that these spare encryption keys simply serve as a back door for bad actors and government agencies. AXEL Go, however, trusts its users to manage their own data. We never see your encryption key and we will never hold onto a key of our own. This not only creates a more secure storage ecosystem but it also gives AXEL Go users total control of the contents of their personal storage. 

AXEL Go also takes advantage of the Web3 principle of decentralization to provide security and privacy. Decentralization gives users control by ensuring their data is accessible through the harshest network conditions. A centralized storage structure is open to any number of service interruptions, which defeats the purpose of using a cloud storage service.

Decentralized server structures offer unique security advantages over the more common standard of centralized storage. By utilizing multiple servers in disparate locations, AXEL Go bolsters its already robust security. Bad actors often take advantage of centralization to scrape massive amounts of data in one fell swoop. 

Decentralized servers solve many problems to which centralization is naturally vulnerable. Service blackouts, communication errors, and many other minor inconveniences will bring a centralized system to its knees in a matter of minutes. Decentralized servers, however, create backups from which, users are able to access their files no matter the situation or location. These backups are stored in fragments, meaning that bad actors are unable to scrape a full storage area. 


Control is about more than maintaining privacy in the face of extreme circumstances. Control needs to happen during regular usage. AXEL Go provides many features such as secure fetch, link-based shares, and custom expiration dates.

Secure fetch is an AXEL Go feature unlike any other. With a single click, AXEL Go users are able to generate a secure channel for their colleagues to send sensitive documents directly into their storage.

Big Tech loves to place roadblocks between their users and the ability to retrieve files securely. Google Drive is only easy to use when everybody works within the Google Suite ecosystem. Once a user outside of Google’s corner of the internet wants to share with a Google Drive account, these roadblocks present themselves until the other party caves and submits to Google’s reign.

Link-based shares and custom expiration dates, similar to secure fetch, give users more precise control than Google Drive or Dropbox. Ease of use and customization gives AXEL Go users a reliable fallback should their links fall into the wrong hands in the form of password protection. 

Expiring links serve a similar purpose. Expiring links make link-based shares infinitely more secure than more traditional methods of file sharing like email attachments or in-messenger file transfers. The older methods leave your files out in the open for years at a time, creating an unending potential for security breaches.

Take Back Control with AXEL Go 

AXEL Go is the premiere file-sharing and storage service. We use end-to-end encryption to protect your files in transit to our  Web3-style decentralized servers. We take a privacy-first approach to security, giving our users total control of who is authorized to see their data and when they’re allowed to access it. 

Give us a try for free to see how you can revolutionize the way you control your data.


Maureen K. Ohlhausen, Opinion Contributor. “Will 2023 Be the Year We Make Big Progress on Privacy? .” The Hill. The Hill, January 12, 2023. 

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